CA 02-12

CA 02-12

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Silverstone Tribute: Racing Spirit in White NTPT

The CronusArt CA 02-12 timepiece, ensconced in a pristine white NTPT case, is an ode to the legacy of Silverstone, one of the most storied circuits in the world of motorsports. The watch doesn't merely mark the passage of time; it encapsulates the pulse of a race, the roar of engines, the screech of tires, and the undying spirit of competition that Silverstone represents. The white of the case is a canvas, reminiscent of the race day's sky, upon which legends are written and history is made.

Dynamic Style: Racing Identity in Vibrant Pink

Adorning the watch is a vibrant pink strap, a bold declaration of style that screams confidence and individuality. It is the splash of color seen blurring past on a race car, a symbol of the driver’s identity, making a statement as it speeds by. This strip of color embodies the essence of racing culture, where vibrancy meets velocity, and the flair on the track is as crucial as the skill behind the wheel.

Transparent Precision: Racing Engineering Unveiled

The skeletonized dial stands as a transparent gateway into the heart of the timepiece, echoing the open garages at Silverstone where the engines of monstrous machines lie bare. Each gear and wheel visible through the dial is a testament to the precision engineering, the meticulous attention to detail that is the hallmark of both premier timekeeping and championship racing.

Revved Up: Capturing the Essence of Silverstone

This timepiece is a salute to the exhilaration of Silverstone, where every millisecond is a battle against time, every turn a dance with danger. It's a chronograph that doesn't just count hours, minutes, and seconds; it counts heartbeats, it counts the gasps of spectators, it counts the very moments that define the essence of racing.

Celebrating Silverstone: Where Every Moment is a Victory Lap

Wearing this watch is to carry a piece of Silverstone's legacy, to hold a fragment of its asphalt, its triumphs, and its trials. It's for those who see life as a circuit, a series of challenges and victories, pit stops and podiums. It’s for the individual who drives through life with the same fervor as the racers who have burnt rubber on Silverstone’s hallowed grounds.

Dreams in Motion: Racing Beyond the Track with CronusArt

Finally, this CronusArt creation is not just a keeper of time but a chronicler of dreams, of aspirations that race beyond the confines of the track. It's a beacon for those who aspire to transcend the mundane, to live life in the fast lane, and to do so with an elegance and panache that is the preserve of those who dare to race, dare to win, and dare to make every second count.

The CronusArt Silverstone-inspired timepiece is a celebration of speed and style," announces Marco Bellini, a renowned Formula One analyst. "The white NTPT case and skeletonized dial invite you to peer into the heart of racing precision, while the vibrant pink strap is a nod to the boldness of the racing world. This watch is for those who approach life with the intensity of a race day, every second infused with the spirit of competition.
MODEL: CA 02-12
SIZE: 50*44mm
MOVEMENT CRONUSART custom movement
Power storage: ≥42hours
STRAP MATERIAL Environmentally friendly fluorine glue
CASE MATERIAL Upper: NTPT carbon fiber

Medium: Synthetic metal

Bottom: NTPT carbon fiber
WARRANTY PERIOD 5 Years Warranty
INCLUDED IN THE BOX Including watch x1, warranty card x1, box x1, gift bag x1

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