Global Reach and Expertise

Worldwide Service Network

CronusArt's after-sales service network spans the globe, with significant presence in cities like Geneva, New York, Hong Kong, and Dubai. This extensive network ensures that clients worldwide receive timely and efficient service.

Highly Trained Technicians

Each service center is staffed with technicians who have undergone rigorous training at the Swiss headquarters. This training guarantees a uniform level of expertise and service quality, regardless of the location.

Continuous Professional Development

These technicians regularly receive training to stay updated with the latest in watch technology and customer service practices, ensuring they are equipped to handle a wide range of service needs.

Personalized Client Experience

Beyond Maintenance and Repair

CronusArt views after-sales service as a continuation of the client’s journey with the brand. It's not just about fixing issues but about maintaining a lasting relationship with each client.

Dedicated Service Managers

Under Laura Schneider's leadership, the after-sales service division assigns each client a dedicated service manager. This manager acts as a personal liaison, providing updates and detailed reports on the servicing process.

Online Service Tracking

Clients have access to an online portal for tracking the progress of their service. This platform offers convenience and transparency, allowing clients to view detailed reports and schedule appointments effortlessly.

Extended Services and Special Offerings

Comprehensive Range of Services

CronusArt's after-sales services extend beyond standard maintenance and repairs. The brand offers a variety of services, including customization options and personalization of timepieces.

Exclusive Events for Clients

The brand organizes exclusive events like watchmaking workshops, factory tours, and previews of new collections. These events offer clients a behind-the-scenes look at CronusArt’s craftsmanship and innovation.

Community Engagement and Loyalty Program

Fostering a Sense of Community

CronusArt is dedicated to building and nurturing a community of watch enthusiasts. The brand frequently hosts events that bring together clients, collectors, and enthusiasts, fostering a sense of belonging and shared passion.

Loyalty Program Benefits

Clients who join the loyalty program enjoy numerous benefits, including extended warranties, special servicing rates, and early access to limited-edition models. This program is designed to reward and acknowledge the loyalty of CronusArt's clients.

Feedback Integration and Improvement

Valuing Client Feedback

CronusArt places great importance on client feedback received through its after-sales services. This feedback is crucial in improving both the products and the services offered by the brand.

Continual Service Enhancement

The after-sales team regularly reviews client feedback to identify areas for improvement. This ongoing process ensures that the quality of service keeps pace with the evolving needs and expectations of clients.

Collaboration with Manufacturing and R&D Teams

Interdepartmental Collaboration

The after-sales service division works closely with the manufacturing and R&D departments. This collaboration ensures that insights from client feedback are incorporated into product development and innovation.

Enhancing Overall Product Quality

This cooperative approach helps in fine-tuning the design and functionality of the watches, leading to an enhanced overall product quality and client satisfaction.

In summary, CronusArt's after-sales service is a comprehensive and client-focused operation, pivotal in maintaining the brand's reputation for excellence. From personalized service management to global service networks, exclusive events, and a rewarding loyalty program, every aspect of the after-sales service at CronusArt is designed to enhance client satisfaction and loyalty.