Location and Architectural Brilliance

Strategic Positioning:

The CronusArt manufacturing facility is strategically located in Le Locle, Switzerland, a region renowned for its rich watchmaking heritage. This location was carefully chosen for its historical significance in the world of horology.

Architectural Design

Helena Kastler, the architect, drew her inspiration from the intricate mechanics of watchmaking. The facility, covering 3,000 square meters, is a modern edifice that stands out in the traditional Swiss Jura landscape.

Interior Design and Facilities

Atrium and Natural Lighting

The facility welcomes visitors with a grand atrium. Skylights flood the space with natural light, creating an ideal environment for the detailed work of watchmaking.

Workshop Layout

The workshop area is designed as an open-plan space to facilitate collaboration and transparency among the artisans. This layout fosters a sense of community and teamwork.

Workstations and Equipment

Each workstation is outfitted with the latest horological tools, sourced from premier Swiss manufacturers. The ergonomic design of these workstations prioritizes the artisans' comfort and efficiency.

Research and Development Lab

Innovation Hub

The facility houses a state-of-the-art research lab. This lab is the center of innovation where new technologies and materials are developed and tested.

Material Testing and Development

Specialized areas within the lab focus on metallurgy and crystallography. These sections play a crucial role in the in-house development of new and innovative materials for watchmaking.

Sustainability Initiatives

Renewable Energy Use

Emphasizing sustainability, the facility utilizes renewable energy sources. Solar panels and wind turbines significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Rainwater Harvesting

A sophisticated system for rainwater harvesting is implemented for non-potable water uses, further enhancing the facility's environmental sustainability.

Community Engagement and Education

Local Integration

CronusArt actively integrates with the local community, reinforcing its commitment to the region's watchmaking legacy.

Educational Tours and Apprenticeships

The facility offers educational tours to schools and universities, fostering an appreciation for watchmaking. Apprenticeship programs, in collaboration with local watchmaking schools, provide practical experience for aspiring watchmakers.

Nurturing Future Talent

Hands-on Learning

The apprenticeship programs are designed to offer hands-on learning experiences, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills in watchmaking.

Contribution to the Art of Horology

Through these programs, CronusArt contributes to sustaining and advancing the art of horology, ensuring the continuation of this intricate craft for future generations.