The tale of CronusArt is woven from a passion for bespoke design and a chance discovery in the realm of horology.

Cornelius Jones & Lily Anderson

Founders Cornelius Jones and Lily Anderson initiated their artistic odyssey with a focus on crafting sapphire and NTPT cases, specifically catering to the aficionados of RM (Richard Mille) watches. This endeavor marked the beginning of our journey in horological artistry, setting the stage for a path driven by deep-seated passion.

Each watch challenges conventional design and beckons the future, a philosophy that deeply resonates with us.

RM watches,they are symphonies of mechanical brilliance and unbridled creativity.

Like many, we aspired to own an RM piece, yet their steep prices made them distant dreams.

New World

Undeterred, Smith and Anderson were not content with mere aspirations. They envisioned a world where exceptional mechanical watches were accessible to all, not just the elite. This vision shaped CronusArt’s mission, propelling us to face challenges and seize opportunities.

Independent design

CronusArt emerged from a profound appreciation for independent design and superior horology. Every watch is a testament to Lily Anderson's creative prowess and the skill of our craftsmen. Compromise is not in our lexicon; we relentlessly chase the zenith of quality. Our timepieces are not just accessories; they are intricately designed works of art, enhancing the wearer's sophistication.

We defy norms

At CronusArt, we don't conform to tradition; we embrace and shape the future. Our watches transcend their functional purpose, symbolizing a harmonious blend of artistry and mechanics. We defy norms, pioneer in the realm of mechanical art, and create distinctive watches with premium materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

Human Touch

Integral to our ethos is the human touch. Artisan David Thompson epitomizes CronusArt's commitment to craftsmanship. Each watch is meticulously assembled and calibrated by his expert hands, emphasizing quality and precision over mass production.

Owning CronusArt

We champion the concept of affordable luxury. CronusArt believes in democratizing high-quality timepieces, making them attainable for every enthusiast. Our watches are a marriage of accessibility and elegance, crafted for the discerning yet inclusive community.

Explore the world of CronusArt

Explore the world of CronusArt, where mechanical marvels meet an independent spirit. Our journey is a narrative of passion, creativity, and the unification of art and mechanics. CronusArt stands not just as a brand, but as a movement redefining luxury and accessibility, tradition and innovation. Join us as we continue to craft stories, fulfill dreams, and create timeless wonders.