CA 01-10

CA 01-10

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A Wearable Cosmos: The Meteorite Dial Watch

The CronusArt CA 01-10 watch with its meteorite dial is a celestial tribute, a wearable cosmos on the wrist. The choice of meteorite for the dial is deliberate and profound – each pattern unique, each swirl a story of its journey through the vastness of space. The material speaks of timelessness, of a cosmic dance that predates our existence, now captured in the finite circle of a timepiece.

Crystal Clear: Meteorite Dial in Sapphire Case

Surrounded by the crystal clarity of a sapphire case, the meteorite dial stands out with striking prominence. Sapphire, renowned for its durability and scratch-resistant properties, serves as a window into the universe, allowing the wearer to gaze upon an artifact that has traversed the heavens.

Stardust Saga: Exploring Cosmic Design

The design of this watch is a narrative of cosmic adventures, of celestial bodies that have witnessed the birth of stars and the black quietude of space. The meteorite, with its crystalline iron structure, glimmers with a stardust quality, echoing the beauty of the night sky.

Time's Dance: Hands on Meteorite Surface

Each hand of the watch, as it moves across the meteorite surface, marks the passage of time here on Earth while also symbolizing the eternal movement of the universe. It's a reminder that we are part of a larger whole, participants in a grander scheme, our lives intertwined with the silent ballet of the cosmos.

Infinite Connection: Owning the Universe

Owning this watch is like holding a piece of the universe itself, a fragment of the infinite, a talisman that connects the wearer to the vast unknown. It's designed for thinkers, dreamers, explorers who are captivated by the mysteries of the stars and the stories they hold.

Timeless Odyssey: Exploring the Cosmos

The CronusArt meteorite dial watch doesn't just tell time; it tells of time's origin. It is an invitation to contemplate the larger questions, to explore the boundaries of human understanding, and to cherish the wonder that is our universe. With every tick, it speaks of the ages, of the dust from which we came, and the cosmic journey that continues, unabated by time.

CronusArt's meteorite dial watch is not just a timepiece, it's a fragment of the cosmos itself," muses Dr. Evelyn Quirke, an Astrophysicist. "With its unique meteorite canvas, encased in robust sapphire, it offers a glimpse into the universe's past and a nod to the eternal dance of time. It's for those who appreciate that with every second, we are living the universe's story.
MODEL: CA 01-10
SIZE: 50*42mm
MOVEMENT CRONUSART custom movement
Power storage: ≥42hours
STRAP MATERIAL Environmentally friendly fluorine adhesive
CASE MATERIAL Above: Technology Sapphire
Medium: Organic glass
Below: Technology Sapphire
WARRANTY PERIOD 5 Years Warranty
INCLUDED IN THE BOX Including watch x1, warranty card x1, box x1, gift bag x1

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