CA 03-35

CA 03-35

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Solar Radiance: A Celestial Ode in Time

The CronusArt CA 03-35 watch, with its luminous crystal case and striking sunburst dial, is a magnificent tribute to the celestial giant at the center of our solar system – the sun. This timepiece is an artistic interpretation of the sun's radiant energy and its vital role in the sustenance of life on Earth.

Illuminating the Essence of the Sun

Encased in a crystal clear material, the watch is a nod to the sun's clarity and purity, capturing the light and reflecting it in a myriad of ways, much like sunlight dances across the surface of the water. The case is not only a protective shell but also an emblem of the sun's transparent beauty, its ability to illuminate and reveal the world around us.

Sunlit Majesty: Radiant Patterns and Fiery Hues

The dial is a canvas where the intricate patterns mimic the sun's surface, with gradients of orange that echo the fiery hues of a solar flare. This is the core of the watch's design – a vivid representation of the sun's power and majesty. The radiant markers and hands are reminiscent of the sun's rays, extending outward to touch every corner of the dial, just as the sun's rays reach across space to touch the Earth.

Sunburst Splendor - A Radiant Tribute to the Solar Giant

The burst of yellow around the bezel represents the sun's corona, visible to us during a total solar eclipse as a halo of glowing light. It's a rare and awe-inspiring sight, one that is captured in the vibrant coloring of the watch. The yellow is not just a color; it's a symbol of the sun's outermost layer, a reminder of the mysteries that lie beyond our current understanding.

Embrace the Sun: Carry its Brilliance Everywhere

Owning this watch is like carrying a piece of the sun with you, a constant reminder of the star that lights our days and governs the rhythm of our lives. It's designed for those who are drawn to the sun's life-giving warmth, who find inspiration in its brilliance, and who aspire to incorporate its bright energy into every moment of their lives.

Bask in Radiance: The CronusArt Sun-Inspired Watch

To wear this timepiece is to acknowledge the sun's omnipresence in our lives, to draw upon its power, and to be inspired by its enduring luminosity. The CronusArt sun-inspired watch is a beacon of creativity, a celebration of light, and a testament to the enduring connection between the cosmos and the craft of watchmaking.

Harness the sun's boundless energy with the CronusArt CA 03-35 watch," suggests Aurora Reyes, a solar physicist. "Its sunburst dial and crystal-clear case are a testament to the celestial body that sustains life on Earth. This timepiece is crafted for those who are inspired by the sun's vitality and who seek to infuse their every endeavor with its luminous essence.
MODEL: CA 03-35
SIZE: 50*42mm
MOVEMENT CRONUSART custom movement
Power storage: ≥40hours
STRAP MATERIAL Environmentally friendly fluorine adhesive
CASE MATERIAL Above: Technology crystal
Medium: Organic glass
Below: Technology crystal
WARRANTY PERIOD 5 Years Warranty
INCLUDED IN THE BOX Including watch x1, warranty card x1, box x1, gift bag x1

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