CA 01-09
CA 01-09
CA 01-09
CA 01-09

CA 01-09

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Sapphire Dragon

The CronusArt CA 01-09 timepiece encapsulated within a sapphire case is a striking homage to the mythical dragon, a creature that has ignited human imagination across various cultures and ages. This watch is a fusion of modern design and ancient symbolism, a wearable expression of the dragon's awe-inspiring power and majesty.

Dragon's Sapphire Shell

The sapphire crystal case, selected for its exceptional durability and clarity, represents the enduring nature of the dragon lore, as well as the transparency with which it has been woven into human history. It is as much a protective shell for the intricate workings of the watch as it is a clear window into the mythical soul of the dragon.

Dragon's Scale Dial

YouThe vibrant and dynamic colors on the dial capture the essence of the dragon's scales, shimmering in the mythical beast's ever-changing hues. The dragon, often associated with wisdom, power, and luck, is represented in the watch design not just in form but in spirit. The boldness of the colors reflects the fiery breath of the dragon, while the fluidity of the design mirrors the serpentine shape as it coils and moves with elegant power.

Dragonflight Hands

The hands of the timepiece sweep across the dial with the grace of a dragon in flight, marking the passage of time with the certainty and nobility that one would expect from such a legendary creature. They are like the guardians of time, just as dragons have often been considered the guardians of treasures untold.


This watch is for those who carry the spirit of the dragon within them – individuals who command respect and exude confidence. It's for the dreamers who dare to soar to great heights, the leaders who blaze trails with the fiery passion of their convictions, and the visionaries who see beyond the mundane world into realms of possibility and wonder.

Mythos Emblem

The CronusArt dragon-inspired timepiece is more than an accessory; it is a symbol of the power of myth and the human capacity for creativity. It invites the wearer to embrace the mythical within the everyday, to carry a piece of legend with them, and to make a bold statement about their own personal narrative of strength and transformation.

Discover the CronusArt CA 01-09, a testament to the dragon's eternal majesty, encased in sapphire for the modern conqueror," declares Jonathan Clark, a distinguished Archaeologist. "This watch isn't just a testament to time; it's a wearable archive of ancient wisdom and power, designed for those who lead with valor and a clear vision.
MODEL: CA 01-09
SIZE: 50*42mm
MOVEMENT CRONUSART custom movement
Power storage: ≥42hours
STRAP MATERIAL Environmentally friendly fluorine adhesive
CASE MATERIAL Above: Technology Sapphire
Medium: Organic glass
Below: Technology Sapphire
WARRANTY PERIOD 5 Years Warranty
INCLUDED IN THE BOX Including watch x1, warranty card x1, box x1, gift bag x1

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